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Jana Vogel Backlayer Aerialhoop Luftring
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,,No risk, No Fun, No Story"

Jana grew up in Dessau, the youngest of three children, and was brought up to pursue her goals and dreams on her own responsibility. At a young age, she discovered the art of sport in gymnastics, both objectively and motorically. Her circle of acquaintances gave her the idea to go to attend the circus school in Berlin.

Without having any contact with the circus, she decided to start training as a state-approved circus artist at the age of 10 far away from her hometown. Within a few months, she found joy in doing it, which helped her stay motivated and exercise six days a week.

After the basic training was finished, it was not difficult for her to choose the aerial hoop as the main prop. Her appeal was the aesthetics and the ability to spin fast and high. However, the motivation to seriously strive for the profession only came to her after the 6th year of training, where she experienced her first appearance at a gala over a high diving pool. In her last year of training she started with the Contact Juggling Staff, which also became part of the graduate tour at the end of the training.

During her training she also did further training as a fitness trainer and also as an aerial hoop trainer in order to be able to help others in the future to possibly find their passion in the aerial hoop, as she did.

Jana tries to stand out from ordinary Aerialhoop numbers by working to a rock music with dynamic combinations and a lot of connected movements in the Aerialhoop.

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